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I am happy to meet you!

My name is Birgit Leibfried. I grew up in Germany and developed a

passion for art, teaching, exploring the field of healing and spiritual teachings.

But only when the singing and sounding, the intuitive ancient singing was

spontaneously born within me, I reached home.


It called me, I had to follow, it led me on a journey of visions, which is still

going on. Over the last 10 years I experienced a lot of inner visions, but also

travelled in the outer world to New Zealand, India, Thailand and visited sacred

places of the Red Indians in Amerika. I have met with lovely people and with healers,

shamans and teachers. But the most loving and intense teacher has always been

life itself, bringing me again and again to surrender and to a humbling gratitude.

When all parts are allowed to fall into place, our true being and power is revealed.


My role is that of a "interperter between the worlds", whatever needs to come through for

your benefit, will be expressed in sounds or in sacred words. I sing and speak in an energetic

archaic soul-language that works profoundly in its way and translates what needs to be said

and heard at that moment. Withour the interfering of the mind, your cells and atoms will

knowingly resonate and begin to join the ancient dance of living wisdom.

This way of ancient sounding is unfolding its transforming power not only for people, but

is also for places, houses and mother earth. Wherever there is an energetic disharmony.


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