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medicine of sound

…may all our sacred sounds unite in wisdom and love for the benefit of the whole!


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Eastermorning- Sounding

Gaia´s Kiss - Soundsalutation from Mother Earth

gratitude - Danke/ Danke für Dich

the quiet in the storm - meditation

Alpha & Omega  -  Sounding over the sound of 111Hz  New!


Sound-Healing is

an ancient medicine, grounded in the power and intelligence of vibration. 

Sounding and singing has been used at all times in sacred rituals and healing ceremonies

as a core power. The human voice is predestined to be used for healing by aligning with

the divine intelligence through vibrating sounds.

always newborn and tailor-made for you

The sounding itself is born in the moment. It unfolds in resonance with your physical

and/or subtle bodies. Whatever is truly needed is expressing itself through ancient sacred

melodies, often combined with messages, spoken in an energetic language of the soul.

Sound-medicine is working based upon

Modern science approved the ancient tribal wisdom, that everything is vibration. All, that is regarding

our outer and inner worlds, our physical being, emotions and beliefs is essentially energy, vibrating

in different frequencies. All is Sound, although our ears may not hear all of it.

A gateway to yourself

Working with sound-frequencies is therefore a deeply transforming tool. It performs on the very level,

at which the imbalance is vibrating. It is able to bring about a change by vocalizing a new vibrational information.

These incoming frequencies intent a tuning of the energy-patterns back to the original balance.

Why sounding is called medicine?

Whatever is troubling us produces a vibration in our system. When we are able to change our

`toxic´ vibrations and allow all our cells to resonate with higher frequencies, we are uplifting our whole being

and recalibrate our system. The sound of the voice is able to vibrate deeply in our being and to reach hidden

imbalances on cellular level. It is inviting the molecules to rejoin the dance of your spirit and bring you home.

With intention and awareness, the sacred sounds transform to your benefit whatever is ready to be transformed,

creating space inside, so peace may return.

The key of resonance

Sounding is a deeply transforming tool due to the law of resonance

When we resonate with something, we tune into its vibration and respond, like a string that is stimulated

to swing by another vibrating string. When our frequencies are meeting, we might like it or not. Depending

what is responding in us, either we feel nurtured and well, or we find ourselves in an unwanted toxic resonance.

We might feel trapped in some old patterns, or in emotional loops resonating with dysfunctional issues in

our body. Sounding is inviting you to resonate with higher frequencies. By surrendering to higher

consciousness, the beneficial vibrations can uplift your being and restore divine order.

Essentially we are creative beings,

gaining experiences through broadcasting our energy in various frequencies. Our source-energy vibrates

in certain ways, thus creating experiences in different forms. We resonate harmoniously or disharmoniously,

we love it or want to refuse it. If we want to change a bad feeling, we have to change the present input.

That is what the sounding medicine is offering. By the intention to surrender to a higher consciousness,

you allow the cells to accept the beneficial vibrations. Vibration is naturally effecting the molecules, some start

to vibrate and then effect other molecules, until they get carried along.

The tailor-made vibration of the healing sounds will likewise affect your molecules.

They are shaking off their old weight of suffering and are vibrating themselves into alignment with the true spirit.


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